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An Argument for a Guaranteed Basic Income Plan in Canada.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It's is possible to have a GBI, without prejudice against anyone, race, religion,  impairments, age, sex, and so on. If a small country like Cuba provides basic needs,  housing,  universal medical care including medicine and education and the crime rates are lower than other places because everyone contributes to the society if they can and the unemployment rate is very low.  In Cuba, the government isn't building prisons but a Utopian society. It might not be perfect but when people don't worry about their basic needs food,  shelter,  medical care the cost on the system is far less.  If a person who ends up homeless in Canada and uses a shelter, Hospital, jails the society pays for $1000 per night per day per person.  GBI is far better in the long run when people basic necessities of life are taken care of.  

The article talks about mother's and children but it takes 2 to tango yet woman pay the price for having children and raising them not fathers. Women who generally make less money and then have to use that income to pay for daycare verse just staying home and raising their children until they are old enough to be in school full-time.  When a mother isn't paid for the same service and studies show that it's imperative as children who are raised by parents until school age of 5 years functions better in society and society benefits from it in the long run,  attachment theory of conditioning in the child.  So why have daycare why not allow the parents to stay with their children until they are old enough full-time school?  It seems silly that the parent typically the mother go back to work after a year just to pay for someone else to raise her child. GBI would allow mothers to stay home with their children until they are old enough full-time school.  We wouldn't need universal child care and parents who decided to go back to work mother's typical need to have extra sick days,  so they aren't punished for having children.  Women are punished but not fathers as a society still believes it's the "mother's"role to raise their children.  Should it not be equally divided into two parents of the child? 

If someone who works for a grocery store pays more in taxes than the employer. Increase the taxes on the corporation and lower taxes on the individual making minim wages paying 30% in taxes and corporation 9%. Cutting individual taxes by 10% would make life more affordable and increasing the corporate 2%. And why is Food not calculated in the GDP/Inflation Costs in Canada? It is a basic need, human right, yet the only people who are profiting are large grocery chains while the demand on Food Banks keeps rising because the annual cost of food has risen 16% since 1979 according to a report conducted by the CBC. Canada needs to start investments in growing our on foods all year round as we have plenty of Greenhouses. Canada has to stop the influx of mass migrations as it was never sustainable to grow food using fossil fuels industrial agriculture. The collapses of the system that should have never existed in the first place as it defied the laws of nature creating over populations in many parts of the world. It is the Canadian Government responsibility to take care of Canadians first.

If middle-class income in Canada is $135,000, a GBI of $40,000 is poverty line yet people making minim wages don't make enough $27,500 why are they even paying taxes?  Only incomes over $40,000 should be taxed. Basically, large companies are getting slaves while they profiting from the employees. And the minim income loses 30% of their income in taxes to the Government an additional 13% HST on top. GBI would allow everyone to have a basic income kept up with inflation rates and the GDP in Canada. Personally, if I were still working I would quit and stop being slave labour. 

CEB is far greater than the annual net salary for minim waged full-time employees.  I'm not sure why anyone working in the grocery store went to work? CERB $24,000 with no risks and costs of transportation to and from work,  Personal Protective Equipment PPE, and extra energy costs for cleaning work clothes as employees weren't provided coveralls @ Loblaws and carried the virus Covid19 while using public transportation. 

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